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First Work To Be Submitted.

2010-09-05 11:38:18 by Byronic

Well, I've not uploaded anything to Newgrounds.
But that is to change very soon.

One day in the shower I came up with an idea for a series of shorts based on the use of websites.

I plan to make episodes on: NewGrounds, MySpace (Vs Facebook), eBay. And perhaps many more when the ideas come to me.

I have started working backwards through the series and I will release Episode 3: eBay as soon as possible. This episode is a solo project, however I hope to enlist some help with the other two.

I wanted to make sure that the first thing I uploaded wasn't completely awful, so I have waited until now to work on anything worth uploading.

I am still very much a rookie Flash animator but I hope to produce some good stuff starting with my Website based shorts. (Name TBA... because I can't think of one just yet.)

For now let me treat you with a copy of where I stand on the Political Compass.

Right next to Ghandi and the Dali Lama.

The Artist Formally Known As Connor Lawless

First Work To Be Submitted.


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2010-09-05 17:50:10

I bet its going to suck..A LOT cuz you like kiss..LOSER! no no, in all honesty it seems like a pretty good idea and im looking forward too it, even though im looking at you make it right now